Old Vic Turned A Blind Eye Towards Kevin Spacey’s Inappropriate Behavior


Kevin Spacey‘s week just continues to get worse and worse.

After disturbing allegations surfaced over the weekend, followed by even more throughout the past few days, Netflix announced that it would be pulling the plug on House of Cards after its sixth and final season. Granted, sources say that this decision has been long on the cards (pun intended!), but the timing is certainly suspicious.

Other Spacey-related projects remain in play for now, but they may not stay that way for long. With each passing day, a new, damning story about the actor seems to surface and tonight, we’re hearing that though the Old Vic theatre had concerns about the American Beauty star for years, and were aware of his behavior, they turned a blind eye. That’s according to several former staff, who claim that it’s a well known fact that Spacey acted inappropriately with a number of young men during his time as artistic director.

A former employee told the Guardian: “We were all involved in keeping it quiet. I witnessed him groping men many times in all sorts of different situations.” Meanwhile, Roberto Cavazos, a Mexican actor, says there are many young men with a “Kevin Spacey story.” He added: “It seems that it only took a male under 30 to make Mr. Spacey feel free to touch us.”

It doesn’t end there, either, as another employee came forth with the following story:

“We were all involved in keeping it quiet. I witnessed him groping men many times in all sorts of different situations … at his apartment in North Lambeth and even at the Old Vic itself and his favourite pub the Pineapple, which is right near the Old Vic. He was taking advantage of the fact that he is this great icon. He touched men on the crotch. Doing it really fast so they couldn’t get out of the way. The thing that really upsets me though is the hypocrisy of places like the Old Vic that pretend now that they didn’t know. ”

This was backed up by yet someone else who worked for the company, who claimed that the theatre knew all about it but told their staff not to speak of Spacey’s behavior.

“There was a running ‘joke’ about it,” she said. “I was informed that I was not allowed to talk about it outside the theatre. I am honestly sickened that the theatre has chosen to plead ignorance.”

This is merely the latest wrinkle to the fold, and as we learned just this morning, Kevin Spacey is by no means the only Hollywood veteran to be thrust into the spotlight. Thanks to the LA Times, we’ve also caught wind of Brett Ratner’s alleged misconduct, while hundreds of women have also come forward about the disgraced Harvey Weinstein. Suffice it to say, the industry has a massive problem and we can only hope that they clean it up sooner rather than later.