Spike Lee Talks Samuel L. Jackson’s Oldboy Hair, Releases More Images


The never ending torrent of Oldboy news carries on apace – we’ve had multiple pictures of Josh Brolin wielding a hammer (maybe cool it with the hammer fetish, guys), a snazzy poster, a cool trailer, all to try and encourage a bit of excitement around the project, and time will tell if that is justified.

In the meantime, we’ve got a couple more pictures to show you, because Jesus Christ, wouldn’t it be terrible if we didn’t? Wouldn’t that just be awful? There’s three new images released by FilmDistrict, and they do exactly what you’d expect – show static versions of characters you will see in the movie, doing things that make sense in the context of the movie without providing that context for the viewer. Essentially, if you want to know what Samuel L. Jackson is talking on the phone about, you will have to watch the movie.

Talking of Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee confronts the issue of what hairstyle to give his character in Oldboy, which should really have been kept a surprise for the movie, much like the content of that mysterious phone call Samuel L. Jackson is making in the photo everyone keeps talking about:

Not only is the interview notable for revealing just how arbitrary the choice of hairstyle for the antagonist was, Spike Lee also pointed out that Samuel L. Jackson is “very particular about how he looks.” So there’s that.

Aside from Samuel L. Jackson’s hair, other images include a lady carrying an umbrella and a man in black lipstick helping another man do something to someone. It appears to be someone, could be anything. Maybe it relates to that damn phone call Samuel L. Jackson is making in that photo that everyone needs to just stop talking about. There’s only one way to know what he’s talking about on the phone: watch the movie.

Oldboy is released November 27th, when all this speculation about that bloody phone call will finally end.