Munn And Schneider To Star In Broken Lizard’s The Baby Makers

According to Variety, sexy geek icon Olivia Munn (The Daily Show) and actor Paul Schneider (Lars and the Real Girl) will star in Broken Lizard’s next film The Baby Makers.

Schneider will play a husband who, having learned that he can no longer conceive a child, enlists his friends’ help in robbing a sperm bank he once donated to in his youth. Munn’s role is currently unknown but reports suggest she will play the part of Schneider’s wife.

The film is the latest project from Broken Lizard, the popular American comedy troupe, who have released a number of films over the years (most notably 2001’s Super Troopers which has become a cult classic).

To be directed by Broken Lizard member Jay Chandrasekhar (Super TroopersBeerfestThe Dukes of Hazzard), the film is set to shoot this summer in Los Angeles, with the other members of the Lizard troupe expected to star as well.

I’ve been in love with Broken Lizard since seeing Super Troopers in a small, dirty, theater 10 years ago. Though I wasn’t very impressed with The Slammin’ Salmon, it still made me laugh, and that’s worth the price of admission. Besides, as a longtime geek, I’ll take any chance to see Olivia Munn on the big screen.

Will you?

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