Olivia Wilde Up For Tomb Raider?

Olivia Wilde, breakout star of TRON: Legacy, is apparently up for the lead role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Or at least that’s what Paramount wants for their upcoming reboot. Speaking about the reboot, Paramount said that  “this would be a far darker and more serious Tomb Raider movie, the idea is to get a top director and an intelligent script and make this an empowering character for women as well as a popular one with men.”

Wilde is just one of many who are up for the role but apparently she has a pretty good shot of landing it. Having never seen the Tomb Raider films, I can’t exactly comment on whether Wilde would be good for the role but to be honest, I wasn’t terribly impressed with her performance in TRON: Legacy and I can’t see why she’s the current Hollywood ‘IT’ girl.

What do you think? Would she be a good Lara Croft?