One of the best-reviewed family films ever hits big on streaming


Under most circumstances, you wouldn’t have thought the continuation of a quaint family-friendly adventure about an anthropomorphized bear from Peru with a penchant for preserves would come attached with the crushing weight of expectation, anticipation and pressure, but this is Paddington we’re talking about.

The first two installments in the beloved franchise were massive box office hits, earning over half a billion dollars from theaters, but it’s on the critical front where the title hero is a force to be reckoned with. The first chapter boasts a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which still pales in comparison to its successor.


Paddington 2 was, for a while, the single most acclaimed title on Rotten Tomatoes, until one spoilsport contributed a single negative review. There was uproar on the internet at the wholesome saga losing top marks, but let’s not pretend that it detracts from the quality of either movie, but it places a tough task upon the upcoming third entry.

As chance would have it, the opener is experiencing a resurgence on streaming this weekend, as per FlixPatrol. The beloved blockbuster is now streaming on Disney Plus, where it’s managed to continue climbing up the most-watched list all weekend. That makes complete sense when it’s ideal fare for the holidays, even if it doesn’t have on overtly festive bent.