One of the longest-delayed movies ever is finally playing in theaters

the king's daughter

Scream is comfortably set to win the box office for a second straight weekend, with Spider-Man: No Way Home retaining second position, but there’s a brand new movie in wide release that’s been sitting on the shelf for a very long time.

How long? Well, lavish fantasy The King’s Daughter wrapped principal photography way, way, way back in May of 2014. That’s right; the ‘brand new’ literary adaptation finished shooting almost eight whole years ago, and has only just made it onto the big screen after Gravitas Ventures stepped in to acquire the rights in late October.

the king's daughter

To put that into perspective, star Kaya Scodelario had just turned 22 years old when she stepped foot onto the set with only a handful of feature film appearances under her belt, while she recently celebrated her sixth wedding anniversary after meeting co-star Benjamin Walker on The King’s Daughter, and the actress welcomed their second child last month.

Was it worth the wait? Based on a 28% Rotten Tomatoes score, the answer is a firm no, despite the aforementioned pair being joined by Pierce Brosnan, Julie Andrews, Fan Bingbing, William Hurt, and Pablo Schrieber in the ensemble. At this stage, the best The King’s Daughter can hope for is being a trivia question in the future.

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