One of the worst-reviewed Marvel movies ever races into the streaming Top 10

ghost rider spirit of vengeance

It’s almost impressive how useless the two Ghost Rider movies turned out to be, given that they featured no less a uniquely eccentric talent than Nicolas Cage playing a motorcycle enthusiast who makes a deal with the devil that leaves him as a vengeful supernatural antihero with his skull on fire.

The first installment wasn’t great, but Mark Steven Johnson’s opener looks like a classic when compared to sequel Spirit of Vengeance. To make things even more egregious, the follow-up hailed from Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who proved they knew how to handle a demented actioner headlined by a proven star through the wonderfully bananas Crank films.

ghost rider spirit of vengeance

Spirit of Vengeance was so poorly received that it still ranks as one of the worst-rated Marvel adaptations in history on Rotten Tomatoes. To illustrate the company it keeps, the only comic book blockbusters with a lower score than Ghost Rider 2‘s 18% are Morbius, Howard the Duck, Elektra, and the Fantastic Four reboot. Ouch.

However, a decade after somehow turning a profit in the face of being panned into oblivion by earning $132 million at the box office on a budget hovering around the $75 million range, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance can now call itself a Top 10 hit on a major streaming service.

As per FlixPatrol, the maligned misfire is propping up the upper echelons on Hulu’s most-watched list in the United States, presumably as viewers wait for Morbius to land on digital so they can punish themselves some more.

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