One of Tom Cruise’s first films stays golden on streaming

It’s no surprise that certain movies from the 80s might be a bit popular due to nostalgia, but sometimes things go beyond that into a full-on streaming revival for an older film.

Like in this case where, according to stats from FlixPatrol, The Outsiders is currently the fifth most popular film on all of HBO Max in the United States. Released back in 1983 and based on the S.E. Hinton novel of the same name, The Outsiders was Tom Cruise’s third-ever movie appearance.

Imagine a current movie today that not only had Cruise but Emilio Estavez, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, and Ralph Macchio all in one film — fans would go berzerk! Even back then these future film legends had people excited with positive critic reviews at the time turning The Outsiders into a blockbuster success

Don’t believe us? if you’ve ever heard the words, “stay gold, Ponyboy” you’ve likely seen this film at some point in your life.

“A teen gang in rural Oklahoma, the Greasers are perpetually at odds with the Socials, a rival group. When Greasers Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) and Johnny (Ralph Macchio) get into a brawl that ends in the death of a Social member, the boys are forced to go into hiding. Soon Ponyboy and Johnny, along with the intense Dallas (Matt Dillon) and their other Greaser buddies, must contend with the consequences of their violent lives. While some Greasers try to achieve redemption, others meet tragic ends.”

Synopsis from Google

With the recent 4k remaster of the film hitting theaters back in September 2021, it’s no surprise that many people are giving The Outsiders another watch from the convenience of their homes. If you also want to relive this 80s classic it’s available to stream on HBO Max now.