Onslaught And Antiphon Will Be Suicide Squad’s Main Villains


Speculation surrounding the cast of characters set to populate Suicide Squad heats up further today on the back of a new tip from superhero scoopsters Latino Review. According to the site’s chief tipster El Mayimbe, the band of perilous supervillains heading up the movie will square off against special ops group Onslaught and their head honcho, Antiphon.

The report goes on to state that Antiphon is a burn victim with a prosthetic leg who heads up the “badass terrorist cell” that’s further described as “a special ops team made up of mercenaries.” That pivotal leadership role has garnered interest from the blogosphere, with Ed Harris reportedly the favorite to nab the part. Further details on official casting are expected to arrive shortly.

In the comics, Onslaught are themselves an assembly of super villains – much like the titular squad – who hail from a fictional Middle Eastern locale known as Qurac. Whether or not that iteration will survive the leap to the big screen is unknown, but if the scoop is correct, the group are primed as the movie’s major antagonists, who will be “hunting super heroes & villains for their own agenda.”

Based on this initial rumor, the movie will transform the set-ups of its characters in comparison to their comic book counterparts. Antiphon is considered a minor league player within Onslaught, which makes his transition to head brass intriguing. So far, the super speedy baddie has appeared in only two issues of Suicide Squad in a supporting role.

The latest in a long line of teases, today’s news arrives on the back of Joel Kinnaman’s confirmation as Suicide Squad‘s leader Rick Flag. For a considerable chunk of time, the pivotal chair in the Squad remained vacant after Tom Hardy departed, prompting rumors of his replacement. Now that Flag has been cast – rounding out the headlining gang – will we finally receive word on the official antagonists? Time will tell.