Your Opinion On The Hangover Part II Is Wrong According To Todd Phillips


Just in case you didn’t already know, Todd Phillips is here to help you put aside any feelings you might have and come to realise the ecstatic truth – The Hangover Part II is better than The Hangover. Todd’s disappointed that he even needs to tell you this.

Todd’s surprised that you can’t come to this conclusion yourself. I mean, come on! Of course it’s better! It somehow reunites the entire cast on the other side of the world, labouring under a paper-thin premise with weak jokes and a recycled plot, costing twice the original. How could you be so mistaken?

In an interview with Empire, the oracle Todd Phillips goes on to demonstrate his powers of omniscience, as well as omnispresence, stating,

“I think in five or ten years time, people will come to realize how brilliant ‘Hangover II‘ is.”

That period of time has passed since the original movie and it’s not regarded in such a laudatory way, so it’s not likely that the same will happen for the second. The Hangover Part III however, with its brilliant trailer, will no doubt be heralded through the ages as a comic masterpiece, like The Canterbury Tales with added giraffe decapitation.

Talking of The Hangover Part III, nobody is exactly sure of what the story consists of, but Todd Phillips goes to lengths to prove his mastery over life and death by promising that somebody dies in the movie, saying,

“People die in this movie. Nobody’s died in them before.”

Of course, being The Hangover Part III, that unfortuanate character will not be someone we’ve met in a previous film, or a white person, or Ken Jeong, but the temptation to imagine that the Wolfpack decide to make a suicide pact after the death of their giraffe decapitation is too great to dwell upon, and probably isn’t wise anyway, lest Todd Phillips catch wind of your incorrect thoughts.

Source: IndieWire