Ranking The Best Picture Nominees For The Oscars

One man. Nine movies. No Master. Here’s how one of our writers would rank the nine films in the running for this year’s Best Picture Oscar.

So one of the nice side benefits of perpetual unemployment, other than learning to translate which Craigslist job ads are for porn (read: ALL OF THEM), is that you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on movies. In a first, I’ve actually managed to see every Best Picture nominee that the year has had to offer, so I thought I’d drop my two cents on how they all measure up. Even with snubs to both The Master, and my own personal favorite movie of the year, this is a strong selection of films, and everything on this list is absolutely worth checking out. So enjoy, and remember: I’m not an authority on these matters, I’m the ONLYauthority on these matters!!!

*Side effects of chronic unemployment may also include mild megalomania to justify spending a whole evening writing about an awards show that, let’s face it, is mostly meaningless.

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