Optimus Prime Battles A Three-Headed Beastie In Transformers: The Last Knight Banner

Paramount plans to dominate the box office next summer with its latest ‘bot outing Transformers: The Last Knight. Shooting is well underway on the sequel, which is supposedly director Michael Bay’s final turn behind the lens, and so far, everything we know about the blockbuster has stemmed from his social media.

If you’ve an ounce of knowledge about the franchise, you might know what to expect, though. It’ll feature two brigades of sparring robots and a bunch of humans unwillingly caught in the middle. By the looks of this latest marketing reveal, The Last Knight is also aiming to throw in some sort of triple-headed monster-thing.


The banner, spotted in Times Square, features the resurrected Autobot leader sparring with what appears to be a dragon-bot? Or could it be another dinobot leftover from Age of Extinction? It’s not entirely clear what it is, but the ripped Decepticon flag fluttering in the breeze suggests it could be one of Megatron’s minions. We know the big bad’s back for this, the fifth Transformers movie, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up for battle with some unique weapons in his employ.

Once summer 2017 rolls around we’ll know for certain what that fearful-looking thing is, as Transformers: The Last Knight stomps into theaters on June 23, 2017.