Original Rambo Author Calls Last Blood A Mess, Embarrassed To Be Associated With It

Rambo last blood

Rambo is one of the most iconic action heroes in cinematic history. That being said, his legacy sounds like it’s about to end on a really horrible note.

The reviews for Rambo: Last Blood are in and they’re not great. In fact, they’re downright terrible. Even the original author behind the beloved character agrees with what the critics are saying. Best-selling novelist David Morrell recently went on record to reveal that he thinks “the film is a mess” and that he’s embarrassed to have his name associated with it.

His tweet denouncing the movie included a link to a USA Today article as well, which cites several reviews that call the flick a “Trumpian fantasy” and says that “most of the Latinx characters on screen are criminals or broad stereotypes.” This is a sentiment that’s being echoed by the majority of critics, too, many of whom are decrying the film’s blatant appeal to anyone who supports the openly xenophobic president.

It’s been well-documented that the star and co-writer of the movie, Sylvester Stallone, is a close friend and proud supporter of Donald Trump and in the film, Sly’s Rambo is fighting to protect Americans from the stereotypical Mexican enemies that the aforementioned politician frequently denounces at his campaign rallies. In a climate where there’s already so much hatred towards America’s neighbors at the southern border, this plot line seems to appeal only to a certain group of close-minded people.

Right now, Rambo: Last Blood is still expected to make somewhere between $23 to $25 million during its opening weekend. However, given the controversy surrounding the storyline and all of these negative reviews, it isn’t hard to imagine that the majority of moviegoers will now choose to stay home or pick a less offensive flick instead.