Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Returning For Halloween Kills


While Marvel had the lion’s share of attention over the Comic-Con weekend, Blumhouse snuck in and stole a bunch of Thor’s thunder with the announcement of sequels to 2018’s Halloween in the form of Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Now, to add more goodness to the October festivities, the OG Michael Myers himself, Nick Castle, confirmed on Twitter that he’s coming back in Kills.

The return was revealed as Nick posted a doctored image of the debut teaser that accompanied the Kills and Ends original announcement, this time featuring Michael Myers cooking out in front of Laurie’s burning house, featuring the caption: “You can’t kill the boogeyman. Just heard the news. I’m coming back.” Ominous, but delightful!

The original Shape actor, who was featured in 2018’s Halloween, served as a consultant for the masked Michael, now played by the able-bodied James Jude Courtney. Castle also provided all the creepy breathing noises Mike’s so well known for. Having him return to coach the mass murderer on physicality is one of the majorly good things these sequels have going for them, along with John Carpenter’s scoring.

Personally, Halloween’18 isn’t my favorite Halloflick. It’s a poor man’s H20, which is already a poor man’s Halloween movie. My tagline for these sequels, as I posted on Twitter, should be: Halloween Kills: This Time, Michael Beats A Horse To DEATH! But I’m just being a cynical jerk, because the last film did gangbusters at the box office, becoming one of the highest grossing R-rated horror movies of all time, if I’m not mistaken. Hey, I’m just glad Jamie Lee doesn’t have to shill yogurt anymore.

Plenty of people are very much looking forward to the next films though, continuing this new, alternate timeline in a series already strewn about in the space-time continuum. Sure, I’ll see ’em, why not? Theaters are dying anyway.

Speaking of dying, we’ll see if Laurie and her family will be dying come October of 2020 when Halloween Kills stabs it way onto the big screen.