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With David Gordon Green’s Halloween about to creep into theaters all over the world, the long-running slasher franchise is now eleven movies strong (I know, we can’t believe it, either). What’s more, given the solid box office performance projected for the sequel, not to mention the great critical reception it’s been seeing, it makes sense that a sequel is already in development over at Blumhouse.

Of course, one of the things fans are most excited about for this new outing featuring Michael Myers is that it’ll see Nick Castle reprise his forty-years-old role as the masked killer, if only for a cameo. Of course, the lion’s share of Michael’s scenes will be brought to life by James Jude Courtney, but Castle was still heavily involved in the production and now that he’s seen the film, he’s shared his thoughts on it.

Taking to Twitter, the fan favorite actor posted the following in regards to what he thinks of Green’s new pic:

I just saw the movie. All I gotta say is, 40 years of professional therapy did not help Michael one bit!!!

Meanwhile, on the less psychotic end of the cast, Jamie Lee Curtis recently featured in two new clips for the film, one of which saw her granddaughter asking her to move on from her traumatic past, and the other of which had a documentary crew inviting her to revisit her old assailant.

It seems like we’re in for a fairly stressful reunion between Laurie and Michael when Halloween hits theaters on October 19th, then, and if Castle’s aforementioned Tweet is to be believed, it appears that Myers will be just as unhinged and psychotic as ever. Which is music to our ears.

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