Disney Plus Has 10 Original Movies/TV Shows Coming This Month


It’s a brand new month, and that means we have a brand new load of original content coming to Disney Plus over the next few weeks. October isn’t one of the busiest months for the streaming service, but there a few great original movies and TV shows that you won’t want to miss.

We all know what one of them is, of course, but maybe the others have passed you by. You can fix that, though, by checking out the full list of every original coming to D+ across October below.


Zenimation Extended Edition – October 2nd

Clouds – October 16th

Once Upon a Snowman – October 23rd


One Day At Disney – Weekly

Weird But True – Weekly

The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Weekly

The Right Stuff – From October 9th

Meet the Chimps – October 16th

The Big Fib – October 23rd

The Mandalorian (Season 2) – From October 30th

Firstly, this Friday brings an extended edition of Zenimation. Described as an “animated soundscape experience,” Zenimation is intended to allow the audience to “unplug, relax and refresh your senses.” In the middle of the month, meanwhile, Clouds arrives. This tearjerker based on a true story follows Zach (Fin Argus), a musical prodigy suffering from a rare type of bone cancer.

On the 23rd, Frozen fans will not want to miss Once Upon a Snowman, a new short from the team behind the smash hit franchise. Josh Gad returns as the world’s most adorable snowman Olaf, with the film exploring his never-before-seen origins – the moments after Elsa created him during “Let it Go.”

Over on the TV side of things, October delivers new episodes of One Day at Disney, Weird But True and The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. What’s more, there’s NASA docuseries The Right Stuff dropping from the 9th, all eight episodes of wildlife documentary Meet the Chimps on the 16th and 15 new episodes of comedy gameshow The Big Fib on the 23rd. And then, of course, the one we’re all waiting for – The Mandalorian season 2 premieres on October 30th.

Tell us, though, what are you looking forward to catching on Disney Plus this month? Have your say in the comments section.