Original ‘Scream’ star reacts to 2022 reboot

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This article contains heavy spoilers from Scream (2022) as Jamie Kennedy shares his reaction to the newest film.

When Scream (2022) premiered on Jan. 14, theaters were flooded with everything Ghostface. Fans waited for more than ten years to return to Woodsboro and see the continued story of Ghostface and those next to fall victim to the horror icon. 

In addition to fans seeing the movie, stars from Scream and the previous films also snuck into theaters to watch the latest horror in Woodsboro unfold, and one of those stars is franchise legend, Jamie Kennedy.

Kennedy played the famous Randy Meeks in Scream and Scream 2 before he met his untimely demise at the hands of Ghostface. His legacy has been a part of Woodsboro’s history and impacted the lives of those who would meet Ghostface in the years after his passing.

So what did Kennedy think of the latest film? He shares his thoughts with fans in a 30-minute video. If you’ve not yet seen the movie, you might not want to listen to Kennedy’s reaction yet — there are definitely spoilers discussed here.

Kennedy starts by sharing that a certain returning character shared some info with him before the film debuted, and while he didn’t go very much into detail, the word de-aging was brought up.

He continued by sharing his thoughts on the film as a whole as he walked listeners through his experience watching it unfold.

“It’s just done like — perfectly, I’m not sure that you could execute it any better.”

He goes into a sentiment that fans have felt through their journey with the Scream franchise; it has been 25 years since it all began, but somehow, it doesn’t feel like it. From touching on how meta the film is to the kill scenes and the characters, Kennedy echoes a feeling we certainly picked up as we watched Scream, too — the movie was made out of love from the directors.

As Kennedy notes, the video is spoiler-heavy, so we won’t give too much of it away here, but we will say that his excitement about the movie is exactly what fans were hoping to see. Those who were part of the Scream franchise helped create the full experience for fans; their opinions matter.

Kennedy’s love of Scream reminds us all that as long as there are love letters to write in Woodsboro, Ghostface will have victims. We hope to continue returning to Woodsboro for years to come.

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