Original Solo: A Star Wars Story Directors Were Making A Gritty And Grimy Film


Creative differences.

That was the resounding message from Lucasfilm after its decision to part ways with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the erstwhile directors of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Word is the duo was beginning to run into overtime, and often filmed countless takes of the same scene in order to encourage a sense of improvisation. But that approach didn’t sit well with the Powers That Be, who promptly installed Ron Howard at the helm in order to steady the ship.

From what we understand, though, Lord and Miller were hoping to put together a gritty and grimy film. Or at least, that’s what Variety is telling us in a new report, which explains the following:

“They’d conjured a gritty, grimy palette reflective of the seedy underbelly of conniving crooks, battle-weary war deserters and ruthless criminal syndicates on display.”

The outlet goes on to mention that the directors wanted to give fans something fresh, new and emotional, but were removed from their post after taking too many risks.

In their minds, Phil and Chris were hired to make a movie that was unexpected and would take a risk, not something that would just service the fans. They wanted it to be fresh, new, emotional, surprising and unique. These guys looked at Han as a maverick, so they wanted to make a movie about a maverick. But at every turn, when they went to take a risk, it was met with a no.

It’s since been claimed that Ron Howard’s reshoots account for around 70 percent of Solo: A Star Wars Story, even if the director remains adamant that Lord and Miller’s fingerprints can be found all over the end product. Those who’ve seen the film, though, certainly feel that it’s more Howard’s work than anyone else’s.

Not that it really matters, mind you, as it’s all but certain that the Anthology pic is about to become the franchise’s first real flop, and given all the behind the scenes troubles it experienced, we can’t say we’re too surprised.

Source: Variety