Original Teen Titans Series Could Return If The Upcoming Movie Performs Well


Despite the original Teen Titans animated series that ran from 2003-2006 not having been my cup of tea, I can’t deny how beloved it was. For many DC fans, it likely served as their gateway to these adolescent heroes and probably remains the definitive iteration in their minds.

But when it came to the followup, Teen Titans Go!, which launched a few years back, well, that go-round has proven to be quite divisive. I mean, it’s found much success after having endured for multiple seasons, but a percentage of viewers yearn for a return to adventures featuring antagonists and real stakes, as opposed to the team singing about burritos or waffles.

Interestingly enough, a couple members of the cast said that should next month’s theatrical release of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies actually perform well financially, then the show that started it all could very well return for a sixth season!

Here’s what Tara Strong, voice of Raven, had to offer in a recent Tweet:

“WOW. Just so y’all know…at a movie session today, they told us that if the #TTGO movie kicks all butts they would do our show at the same time as #Season6 …FOR REALS! So go see it! Even if you hate us!!”

Following up on that was Hynden Walch, perhaps better known to you as Starfire, with this reply on Twitter:

“It’s all true. I was there!”

Now that we’ve had time to absorb this info, you’d be well advised to flock to theaters on July 27 if indeed you want to see more of the Teen Titans you hold dear. And if season 6 were to become a reality, wouldn’t you say the soon-to-be launched DC Universe streaming service sounds like a good home for it if Cartoon Network doesn’t express interest? Needless to say, we’ll keep you posted.

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