Orlando Bloom May Play Batman In Batman Vs. Superman


Oh, come on! Give it a rest, please. This is starting to get worse than the Star Wars: Episode VII casting rumor fiasco that has FINALLY started to ease up.

It seems that almost every single day a new name pops up in relation to Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman. It’s Saturday today, a day that is supposed to be for rest, not for work, and yet here we are with another rumor crossing our desk as we try to just chill out and take it easy down here in the WGTC bunker.

They just can’t give us a break, can they?

Take this one as you will but apparently, Orlando Bloom is the favorite to play Batman in the highly-anticipated flick. Yes, Orlando Bloom. Quite possibly the least likely candidate and one that absolutely no one expected. Talk about coming out of left field!

Express are the ones reporting this, quoting their source as saying the following:

“Orlando looks odds-on to get the part even before our first casting call. He would be perfect to play off Henry and I think US audiences would be happy with two Brits as the joint male leads.”

Honestly, I’m not really sure what to say here. For one, we’ve heard that Warner Bros. wants an older Batman, someone in their mid-40s. Bloom is 36, so this wouldn’t even make any sense if the reports about the film featuring an older Batman are true. Secondly, it’s Orlando freakin Bloom. I mean ya, I love ol’ Legolas just as much as the next guy (or gal) does, and yes, Bloom is handsome, charming and a usually enjoyable actor who’s given some great performances in the past, but still, in what world does Orlando Bloom playing Batman make sense?

Admittedly, I can actually see Bloom playing a superhero, but someone more in the vein of The Flash or Green Lantern, not The Dark Knight. No. No, no, no, no. I cannot get behind this and I do hope that it is simply just another unfounded rumor.

Tell us, what do you think of Orlando Bloom playing Batman in Batman vs. Superman?