Oscar Isaac Reflects On Working With Carrie Fisher On Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Star Wars: The Last Jedi was already a highly-anticipated release for fans, but since the death of Carrie Fisher last December, it’s tragically gained a bigger importance. Despite Episode IX originally being planned to be “her movie,” The Last Jedi will now be the final time we will see the beloved Princess Leia in action, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that we have some amazing scenes with Fisher to look forward to – like the one that Oscar Isaac recently discussed.

While appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the man behind Poe Dameron talked about his working relationship with Carrie Fisher and the filming process behind one intense yet funny-sounding scene that they share in the movie. You can watch what he had to say in the video above (at the 2:50 timestamp).

Alternatively, you can read his response here:

“Actually, a large amount of the stuff I got to do was with Carrie, which was amazing. I remember the first day of shooting was a scene with Carrie. I’m still… often times that first day, the filmmaker’s, everybody’s trying to get the tone and figure it out and I remember it was a scene where I come up and talk to her and she’s very upset with me and slaps me, and [director] Rian [Johnson] kept doing it over and over … It ended up being like 27 takes of Carrie just leaning in and every time she’d hit like a different spot on my face.”

Like every other actor who had the honour of working with the actress, Isaac seems to have had a lot of respect and admiration for Fisher. Here, he speaks about what she meant to him and notes what a wonderful person she was:

“She was by far the quickest-witted, funniest, most down-to-earth, real human being as I ever had the opportunity of working with and she does amazing work in this. [Her passing] was definitely a heartbreaker.”

It’s good to know that we’ll have some scenes between Leia and Poe in the film, as they shared an interesting dynamic that wasn’t explored much in The Force AwakensLikewise, though we wouldn’t have assumed anything else, it’s nice to know that Carrie Fisher gave it her all in what will be her last turn in the iconic role.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in this galaxy on December 15th. And if you’re still looking for more, be sure to check out Vanity Fair’s gorgeous photoshoot of the cast that surfaced earlier this week.