Oscar Nominations 2013: Who And What Got Snubbed?


Moonrise Kingdom

Before the onslaught of winter movies arrived, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom was on everyone’s radar. A small movie released in summer that climbed the box-office charts, it garnered praise for its sweet and charming story of two kids in love that also featured a cast full of veteran actors who were all fantastic. There was even talk of Bruce Willis for best supporting actor, especially with him playing against type as the somber and delicate police captain who has a heart of gold.

Unfortunately, Moonrise Kingdom was forgotten way too quickly, and it looks like the Academy went with Beasts of the Southern Wild to be their “indie love child” instead. At least the film got an original screenplay nod, but that’s like a pat on the back for Anderson and his eccentric style of filmmaking. Despite it’s lack of nominations, we won’t be forgetting about Moonrise Kingdom anytime soon.

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