The Internet Wants Charlize Theron To Be The Next James Bond

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Image via EON Productions LImited

With next year’s Bond 25 confirmed to be Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007, it’s widely felt that EON needs to break the mold this time around when finding the next James Bond. As we all know, Idris Elba is an eternal favorite to land the role, but there’s always the conversation of whether Bond could and should ever be a woman as well. And if this was ever to happen, the internet has chosen who should be Bond. Jane Bond: Charlize Theron.

Theron and Craig were paired together to present the award for Best Supporting Actor at yesterday’s Oscars ceremony, which left viewers desperately wanting to see Theron take over from Craig as the seventh version of the super-spy on the big screen. Author Chuck Wendig even suggested that Craig could play the typical eye candy role usually filled by the female lead.

But wait, here’s an even better idea. What about The Favorite‘s Rachel Weisz – as in Daniel Craig’s real-life life partner – starring opposite Theron instead?

It seems this is a casting decision that a lot of people can get behind, as The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum’s whole Oscar viewing party agreed that the Oscar-winning actress would be a fantastic choice.

Alternatively, the potential downside to gender-flipping established roles is that some feel it’s better to create original characters for female stars. And when it comes to Theron, she already has one – 2017’s Atomic Blonde cast the South African actress as as her own crack MI6 agent. One super fan of the movie even suggested that Theron should star in more films as Lorraine Broughton and create a new spy series to rival Bond.

Tell us, which side of the argument do you fall on? Would Charlize Theron make a great James Bond, or should she get her own spy franchise – maybe more Atomic Blonde movies? – instead? Have your say in the comments section down below.