Otis Looks All Beaten Up In New Three From Hell Photo


The countdown to the long-awaited Three From Hell trailer continues with another Instagram post from director Rob Zombie, announcing that fans have just 48 hours to wait before they can see some footage.

In the past week, Zombie has shared several images in this vein, each spotlighting a different character from the upcoming horror movie. Today’s post features Bill Moseley, who reprises his role as Otis B. Driftwood from The Devil’s Rejects. And while the psychotic antihero has apparently survived the barrage of bullets he suffered at the conclusion of the 2005 film, he’s still looking a little worse for wear.

Zombie captioned the post as follows:

“I suggest you get ready to burn!”

Otis serves as one third of Three From Hell’s titular trio, the other two being Vera-Ellen “Baby” Firefly and Captain Spaulding, played by Sheri Moon Zombie and Sid Haig, respectively. Since Spaulding already got his own countdown image earlier this week, we can probably assume that Zombie plans to share a fresh Baby photo in the next day or two.

After that, the trailer is scheduled to drop exactly fourteen months after principal photography wrapped. Zombie is certainly taking his time with the project, but he’s assured fans that the film will be worth the wait, and here’s hoping the new footage won’t suggest otherwise.

As it stands, no official synopsis for Three From Hell has been released, suggesting that the trailer could have a lot to tell us about the movie. Going by set photos, the feature’s three stars will be spending much of the film in court or in jail, but we’ll find out if the murderous trio can earn their freedom when the flick hits theaters later this year.

Source: Instagram