Owen Wilson was excited about becoming a superhero, even if he had to do it away from the MCU

Owen Wilson as The Guard, Secret Headquarters (2022)
Image via Paramount Plus

Superheroes have been all the rage in the world of entertainment for the better part of the last decade; whether it’s multi-million dollar blockbusters put out by the MCU, acclaimed episodic ventures such as The Boys and Invincible, or some of the more grounded features like Sylvester Stallone’s Samaritan, it looks like superheroes will continue leading the genre fiction train for quite some time.

Naturally, some of Hollywood’s biggest and best are all too eager to make their play in the era of superheroes, and one such enthusiast was Owen Wilson, who nabbed a role in the MCU series Loki as Mobius M. Mobius, a Time Variance Authority investigator and a major ally to Loki.

While Mobius may not be much of a superhero as far as the population of the MCU goes, the actor nevertheless managed to get his superhero chops by way of the Paramount Plus original film Secret Headquarters, portraying Jack Kincaid, a man who inherited powerful alien technology to become the Iron Man-esque The Guard.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Wilson happily recounted the feeling of getting fitted for his own superhero costume, and the reactions he got from his siblings.

“I was excited that I was gonna have a superhero costume. We did all these fittings and preparation and I really feel like those guys that designed that suit did a good job. I know that when I got messages from both my brothers looking at the billboard for the movie and they were saying it looks pretty cool that it was like, okay, you know if I can pass muster with them, that’s saying something.”

Secret Headquarters is available to stream on Paramount Plus.