Owen Wilson And Zach Galifianakis To Star In Matthew Weiner’s You Are Here

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is finally about to make his feature film debut with a comedy titled You Are Here. THR tells us that the light, heartfelt and comedic film will start shooting this May in North Carolina. Furthermore, Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis are confirmed to star and Amy Poehler is close to signing on.

Check out the plot summary below.

A local weatherman and freewheeling bachelor (Wilson) and bi-polar man-child Ben (Galifianakis) are childhood best friends who embark on a road trip home after Ben discovers his estranged father has passed away. Once there, Ben learns his eccentric father had big plans for him and he’s inherited a whole lot more than his father’s money. As Ben struggles with his new responsibilities, his friendship with Steve is tested by the complications of his inheritance, his sister’s (Poehler) ambition, and Steve’s desire to be with his father’s beautiful young widow.

I’m sure many people are eager to see how Weiner will take his small screen talents and translate them to the big screen. He’s no doubt proven himself in the television world, with Mad Men and his writing work on The Sopranos, but how will he fare in film? And not just a film, but a light comedy, something that is entirely different from both of the aforementioned television shows that he worked on.

This movie has been my passion for eight years and to see it come together with Owen and Zach and Amy is a dream come true. I can’t wait to get started because the movie is about everything I care about and I’m tired of reading it out loud to my friends, said Weiner.

What do you think? Will Weiner successfully make the transition? Let us know in the comments.