Pablo Larraín Will Direct The Scarface Remake


I’m still not sure who had the bright idea of remaking Scarface, but it’s happening. Originally set to helm was Harry Potter director David Yates, but now it seems like Universal is going in a different direction as The Wrap reports that they’ve hired Chilean director Pablo Larraín.

Best known for the 2012 film No with Gael Garcia Bernal, Larraín isn’t exactly a big name. At least, not yet. Scarface will undoubtedly be his most high-profile gig yet and should help to put him on the map. That’s for certain. As for whether Brian De Palma’s classic gangster film, itself a remake, needs to be remade, is another issue entirely.

Apparently, the plan here is to have the main character be of Mexican origin, with Donnie Brasco scribe Paul Attanasio’s script taking place in Los Angeles. The basic premise will be very similar, with the story following a Mexican immigrant as he “rises through the criminal underworld and strives for the American dream.” No word yet on who might take the lead role but producers are currently looking for “an authentic Latino who is bilingual and bicultural.”

Again, I can’t see how remaking one of the most influential films of all time is a good idea. I mean, there’s no way that this could turn out well. Despite some of Larraín’s previous efforts receiving favourable reviews, I don’t have much faith that he’ll be able to direct a worthy remake. More likely than not, this will turn out to be disappointing and nothing more than a cash-in on the goodwill brought about by Al Pacino’s version. I’m hoping that’s not the case, as I love the original, but right now I just don’t see how the Scarface remake can come anywhere close to being as iconic as the 1983 version.

Source: The Wrap