New Pacific Rim Poster Asks You To Join The Fight


Attention all! Pacific Rim’s military regiment, the Pan Pacific Defence Corps., needs you to join the human resistance to fight against the monstrous Kaiju. The latest image from Warner Bros.’ upcoming project joins the horde of marketing for Guillermo Del Toro’s monster blockbuster, which is set for a July 12th, 2013 release.


We’ve had robotic one sheets, decimated cities and, hell, even great piles of Kaiju poop. But now the viral marketing campaign for Pacific Rim has shifted towards the core human element of the film. The poster itself hints towards the kind of costume design and gritty aesthetic Del Toro is aiming for with the film with this World War 2-like propaganda. After all, this is from the same visionary director who brought us Pan’s Labyrinth so we can readily predict this film to be a visual treat.

At the bottom of the page is a web address to the aforementioned PPDC, which serves to collate all of the individual marketing items within one intuitive interactive map. From Hong Kong to Japan, San Francisco to Santiago, the entire border of the Pacific Ocean is embroiled in a violent war with the Kaiju, which, in the film, rise from an inter-dimensional rift at the bottom of the ocean. Forced into an unforgiving dogfight, humanity must construct colossal mechanised titans known as Jaegers to defend against the relentless aliens. These machines are controlled by two pilots via a neural bridge, which effectively allows the humans to manoeuvre the robots simultaneously with the power of their minds.

The film stars Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi, who will play the central duo tasked to revive a legendary Jaegar deemed out of rotation, and will join Idris Elba’s grizzled Lieutenant-Commander as humanity’s last hope to cancel the apocalypse. From what we’ve seen so far, Pacific Rim looks to be as entertaining as it is jaw-dropping and, quite frankly, July 12th can’t come around soon enough.

Are you excited about Del Toro’s new project? Or will Pacific Rim groan under its own immense computer-generated weight? Give us your thoughts in the comments!