Paradise Lost Concept Art Unveiled

Today we get the first peek at concept art from Alex Proyas‘ upcoming Paradise Lost. Bradley Cooper will star as Lucifer in this epic project, based on John Milton’s poem of Adam and Eve and the war between heaven and hell. The artwork received an unveiling at Comic-Con 2011, and looks to be a rendering of Cooper’s character.

The film is a big project, given the scope of the epic poem and its heavy religious material. I think Proyas can bring the metaphorical beauty of the poem to life, if anyone can. His past work on dark atmospheric genre films like Dark City, The Crow and Knowing, prove he has a deft touch at edgy supernatural cinema. And the concept art of Cooper as Satan looks bad-ass evil.

Proyas assured fans at Comic-Con that he would make “an incredibly epic film about the Devil’s fall from grace and the Archangel Michael.” Sounds like the scope is going to breathtaking, as he also mentioned, “This film couldn’t have been made a few years ago. In fact, we’re not even sure we can make it now. But we’re going to try.”

I can’t wait for this one, and no doubt the buzz will increase when more casting news surfaces. I’m a little worried about the motion capture work involved, and the possibility of 3D filming. But as this is reportedly a tentpole action vehicle for the studio, I have a feeling it’s going to make an impression, either way.

As of now, the plot revolves around Lucifer and the Archangel Gabriel, who are best friends before God creates Man and everything goes to hell,  metaphorically speaking. Unable to bow down to mankind and remain obedient to God, Lucifer is cast out and plots his revenge.

Here are some more pics of the concept art, check them out and tell us what you think.

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