Paramount Breaks The Silence On Rumors Of No More Star Trek Movies

Star Trek Beyond

Yesterday, a surprising new report claimed that Paramount was shelving all future plans for the Star Trek movie franchise, following the years-long fight to get Star Trek 4 before cameras, and would be solely focusing on the TV side of things from now on. With Trek operating on the big and small screens since the late 70s, fans obviously started getting worried by this.

Paramount has now responded to the rumors, though, and has categorically denied them. ScreenRant reached out to the studio for confirmation of the report, which was shared by Giant Freakin Robot, and while they didn’t provide a statement from the company, according to them, Paramount has said that the news is “not true” and that various Trek movies are “still in development.”

The denial adds up much more with what we’ve previously heard on the studio’s movie plans than the initial report. It’s been said that they’re desperate to catch up with the TV franchise, after CBS All Access has managed to successfully reinvigorate the brand with various shows. So, it fits that they’d be working on a few different projects themselves. Exactly what those are, though, it’s hard to say right now.

Quentin Tarantino’s Trek is still floating around, while there are also two different versions of ST4 under consideration. Noah Hawley was hired to direct a reboot last fall, but he’s just revealed that Paramount has put his take on hold. This means they could return to the original ST4, which would bring back Chris Pine’s Kirk opposite Chris Hemsworth as his dad.

While it seems they still haven’t got a clear idea of where to go next, Paramount remains keen on pressing ahead with the Star Trek movie franchise in some form. No one knows how long it’ll be until another film hits our screens, but it’s coming eventually.