Paramount Executive Thinks Paranormal Activity 4 Will Likely Happen


Paramount Head of Domestic Distribution Don Harris thinks that with the huge success of this weekend’s Paranormal Activity 3, the film production company’s president, Adam Goodman, is likely thinking about making a fourth installment in the successful franchise.

Harris added:

I can’t image that we wouldn’t make a number four…I’m sure he’s (Goodman) thinking, ‘Now what do I do?’

The Wrap is reporting that Harris also said the Paranormal Activity films have become an October tradition for Paramount, and he expects it to continue. He further went on to say that it’s certainly possible to have another October release for the fourth installment.

After Paranormal Activity 2 grossed $177.51 million at the box office last year, Paramount quickly put together the third installment, which acts as a prequel to the first two films. Of the possible fourth film, Harris also said the production company can quickly pull it together as well, adding:

I’m sure the right material and the right director will have to come together with the budget because they don’t spend a lot of money.

Making a fourth film in Paranormal Activity franchise is highly likely,¬†as the series is considered to be one of the most profitable film properties of all time. The first movie grossed $193.35 million worldwide, against a $15,000 budget, when it was released in 2009. Last year’s follow-up had a $3 million budget. The third installment garnered $54 million this past weekend, against a budget of $5 million. It earned the records for highest-grossing opening weekend for a horror film ever and the biggest October opening ever.

The Paranormal Activity films have been successful, due to their intense scares. But it’s questionable where Paramount will take the series, however, as Katie disappeared with Hunter at the end of the second movie, leaving many of the other characters dead. Where do you think they can go with a fourth film?

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