Paramount Eyes Military Comic The Activity For Franchise

the activity

Image Comics series The Activity, written by Nathan Edmondson with illustrations by Mitch Gerads, is getting the blockbuster treatment at Paramount, Edmondson confirmed via Instagram earlier today.

The comic, which published its sixteenth edition last December, centers on a highly trained, top-secret military operations group that deals with situations no other unit is equipped to handle. It has received acclaim and a solid readership since its first issue was published in 2012.

According to Edmondson, Paramount is moving forward with a film adaptation, with producer Dan Lin attached and Black Hawk Down scribe Ken Nolan writing the screenplay. Nolan isn’t a stranger to the series, having written an introduction to the third paperback collection of Activity comics.

Edmondson encourages readers to surf on over to www.warfarewithoutwarning.comThe Activity‘s official site. More news will surely be coming out of there about the film adaptation, including a potential director and cast for the project. In the meantime, we can freely speculate about who might be interested in overseeing a blockbuster adaptation of the military-themed comic. Perhaps Paramount should send Paul Greengrass some flowers? With Nolan writing the script, The Activity has received a substantial shot of credibility early on, so it wouldn’t be altogether surprising to see a big-name director start circling the project.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

The evolution of global conflict necessitates the evolution of warfare to rise and meet the call. The United States’ latest, most advanced, and most secret special operations group is hidden inside the INTELLIGENCE SUPPORT ACTIVITY. They are tasked with fixing botched operations, wielding bleeding-edge tech, and planning and executing lethal action in the utmost secrecy.