Paramount Wants Justin Timberlake For Baywatch

Twitch is reporting that Paramount wants Justin Timberlake for their Baywatch film, which has been in development for a while now. Though the film has been written, there really hasn’t been much movement on the project and all we really know is that isn’t not based on the show but it has parts for both David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

The studio is apparently looking to Timberlake to take the lead role, that of  “a disgraced Olympic swimmer who tries out for the Baywatch team.” As of now, there’s no confirmation as to whether Justin Timerblake will sign on, or even if he’s interested, but considering he’s trying to stack his resume with respectable credits (The Social Network, the upcoming Inside Llewelyn Davis), I can’t see him being too tempted to join the big screen version of Baywatch, which admittedly, sounds pretty crummy.

And anyways, does anybody really want to see a Baywatch movie? Does anyone still care about that show?