Paramount Has At Least 14 Transformers Stories Brewing In Various Stages Of Development, According To Michael Bay


The Transformers future is here to stay. How do we know? Because Michael Bay told those in attendance at a preview event for The Last Knight that Paramount has at least 14 story ideas simmering in various stages of development.

Word comes by way of, confirming that even though Bay’s future in the series is tentative at best – heck, the filmmaker almost walked away from Transformers altogether before the studio established a writers room – Paramount has no plans to pump the brakes on its live-action juggernaut anytime soon. Speaking of that pool of screenwriting talent, Michael Bay has already identified the ways in which Paramount’s strategy has reinvigorated the franchise – no longer do Bay and Co. have to “push the rock up the hill” after each new movie; instead, they’re now able to mine inspiration from a single, cohesive vision that stretches back to the beginning of time.

Up until now, Paramount has nailed down plans for a Bumblebee-centric spinoff with writer-director Travis Knight and a sixth mainline Transformers movie, but beyond that, little is known about the studio’s plans post-2019. Early reports claimed that Paramount had once considered an R-rated offshoot built around Bumblebee, while there was also mention of Transformers spinoffs that take place in different historical periods. Perhaps one (or more!) of the 14 pitches that Bay is referring to drags the series back in time? We’ll find out soon enough.

On June 23rd, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will go up against a threat the likes of which they’ve never faced: each other. On paper, Transformers: The Last Knight heralds something of a soft reboot for the series, and we’re intrigued to discover how its potential success affects the franchise going forward.

Source: ComicBook