Paramount Reaffirms R Rating For Baywatch; New Trailer Reportedly On The Way


Thanks to the runaway box office success of Deadpool and, to a slightly lesser extent, Logan, the topic of R-rated movies has fuelled all kinds of debates online, with many believing that Fox’s back-to-back superhero coup is an exciting sign of things to come.

But studios venturing forth into the restricted territory isn’t exclusive to Hollywood’s crowded superhero genre – far from it. This summer, Paramount is reviving a dormant ’90s icon in Baywatch, and plans to slap on an R rating for good measure. Boasting a tone and style similar to those found in Sony’s popular Jump Street series, previous trailers for Seth Gordon’s star-studded reboot have been packed to the rafters with sun, sea and shenanigans, and in case there was any doubt remaining, Exhibitor Relations (via Screen Rant) has reaffirmed that Baywatch will be rated R for “strong language throughout, crude sexual content, and graphic nudity.”

Per Twitter:

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, a listing from Alberta Film Ratings suggests that a PG-rated trailer is on the horizon. Exactly when it’ll arrive, though, is another question entirely, given the post claims said trailer will be online by Friday, March 17th. Still no sign of Baywatch‘s new (final?) trailer at the time of writing, but we’ll update this post if and when we learn more. And because this promo is rated PG, expect the folks at Paramount to cut out any strong language and nudity.

Dust off that red swimsuit and snorkelling gear; Baywatch is (almost) in town! May 26th is the date for your diaries, and though it’s still early days for Paramount’s franchise revival, there’s already of the studio kicking on with a sequel a la 22 Jump Street.