Paramount Says Bam Margera’s Lawsuit To Block Jackass 4 Is Baseless

Bam Margera

Bam Margera‘s numerous attempts to delay Jackass Forever ended on Oct. 7th after Paramount Pictures set a final release date. According to Deadline, the film’s fourth installment in the Jackass franchise will hit theaters in early 2022. 

Margera filed a lawsuit against the studio, Johnny Knoxville, and Spike Jonze back in August after claiming he was wrongfully terminated from the film. It later came out that the Jackass star was fired because he had failed to comply with a Wellness Agreement that he and production mutually set in place to keep him sober while working on the project. 

Since then, the Jenner & Block LLP attorneys for Paramount, Knoxville, director Jeff Tremaine, and Jonze claimed that “Margera’s lawsuit is baseless.” They added, “His claims seeking to enjoin Jackass Forever improperly target defendants protected speech and are precluded as a matter of law.”

The attorneys also refuted several of Margera’s claims, including being forced to sign the documents to be a part of the project. Another claim included the production company allegedly hiring a doctor to administer him a “cocktail of pills” without permission. The final accusation stated that Margera was fired for taking Adderall, something he said he was prescribed. 

The Paramount and Jackass crew allegedly want to have a hearing with Judge Robert Draper next month in hopes of arguing their side in person. 

Prior to the ongoing lawsuit, Jackass Forever had been delayed a total of four times. The original date was set for March 5th, 2021, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic causing production to shut down, the release date was postponed to July 2nd. The July 2021 announcement was delayed again for an undisclosed reason to September 3rd.

As of writing, Jackass 4 is slated to open early next year, though who knows if that’ll come to fruition.