Star Trek 4 Shelved Indefinitely At Paramount


Ever since we learned back in August that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth had pulled out of Star Trek 4 due to salary disputes, the S.J. Clarkson-helmed flick has been thrust into a state of uncertainty, with neither Paramount Pictures nor the franchise’s regular cast offering any kind of firm update.

It seems there’s a good reason for that, too, as we’re hearing today that the project has been shelved indefinitely. The news comes from Deadline, who report that Clarkson has moved on to helm the Game of Thrones prequel series since she now has an opening in her schedule, given that Star Trek 4 isn’t happening anymore. Or at least, not anytime soon.

That’s all the outlet had to say, and we should note that Paramount has yet to confirm this, but given the radio silence surrounding the fourth film in the rebooted series, not to mention those aforementioned salary disputes, it’s not too surprising to learn that the sci-fi franchise has been put back on the shelf for the foreseeable future.

That being said, not too long ago, John Cho, who plays Sulu, said that while he had no updates to offer, he did remain “optimistic that there will be another one” as he’s “optimistic about what Star Trek says and its place in our culture.” It’s clear that not everyone shares in his optimism though, as it seems Paramount just wasn’t able to work things out with the Chrises. Though we imagine there were other issues behind the scenes as well which led to the shelving.

Regardless, while it may be a long time before another Star Trek movie takes flight, with Discovery season 2 headed our way next week, Trekkies can at least take comfort knowing that they’ll soon be acquainted with a totally new version of Spock, and that the property’s future on television seems brighter than ever.