Paramount Gives Transformers 4 A Release Date

Despite Michael Bay saying that he was done with the Transformers series after the third installment, Dark of the Moon, it looks like Paramount is going ahead with a fourth film and Bay will be returning in the director’s chair. This new film, tentatively titled Transformers 4, is going to be a re-imagining for the series, meaning that some minor characters might get more back story or some major characters might not even appear in the film at all.

Bad Ass Digest has the latest scoop that mentions the downright awful attempted humor Bay tried with Transformers 1 through 3. It looks like the writers are going to be focusing more on action, explosions and bad ass military involvement, like the last hour of Dark of the Moon, which was a visual treat.

Transformers 4 is scheduled to be released on June 27th, 2014. That leaves us plenty of time to figure out who is starring in the film and what direction it will go in. I sure hope Michael Bay has a reason for returning besides a massive paycheck. He’s a semi-talented director who keeps wasting whatever potential he has left on a series that is in need of a heavy makeover.

I was looking forward to someone else taking over, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening. Bay is here and he’s here to stay. Does that bother you? Are you looking forward to yet another Transformers film?