Paramount’s Writing Room To Tackle G.I. Joe And Micronauts Movies



Eager to bring a fresh batch of talent aboard its lucrative, seemingly evergreen Transformers universe, Paramount and Hasbro hatched a plan earlier this year to form a dedicated writer’s room, recruiting some of the finest comic book writers in the business, including The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman. Ultimately, it’s an approach designed to ensure the longevity of the studio’s marquee franchise over the next few years, though a new report has emerged suggesting that Paramount has similar plans for not only the budding G.I. Joe series, but also the little-known toy line Micronauts.

Selecting producer and decorated screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to oversee the newfound writers room, the driving force behind the initiative appears to be to not only breathe new life into the G.I. Joe franchise, but to also erect one based on Micronauts. Based on a science fiction toy line that dates back to the early 70s, the latter is one of the lesser-known brands under Hasbro’s umbrella, though that could all be about to change very quickly.


As one of the most respected scribes in the business, there is perhaps no better writer to supervise both properties than Goldsman. Fast becoming an instrumental cog in Paramount’s grand blueprint, Goldsman will also be involved in the yet-to-be-titled Transformers 5, and though it is yet to enter production, it’s claimed that the fifth installment in the box office darling will herald the beginning of a new trilogy.

Out of the pool of talent that the studio has recruited for the task – one which includes Andrew Barrer, Gabrial Ferrari, Christina Hodson, Lindsey Beer, Ken Nolan and Geneva Robertson-Dworet – Paramount has narrowed its search for Transformers 5 writers down to Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man), and Ken Nolan of Black Hawk Down fame.

In terms of both G.I. Joe and Micronauts, it’s still very much early days on the revival and budding franchise starter, though with such a diverse and talented roster assembled, we’re willing to lend Paramount and Hasbro the benefit of the doubt as they inch forward in pre-production.

Source: Deadline

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