Paranormal Activity 4 Shows Off New Teaser Trailer

Screen Rant is reporting that Paramount has released a preview for the upcoming Paranormal Activity 4 teaser trailer, which releases on August 1st.

After watching the short vignette, seemingly nothing groundbreaking is revealed. We’re shown a fast smattering of past clips featuring a possessed Katie from Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, the date for the actual Paranormal Activity 4 teaser trailer and a very short flash showing some mysterious blonde woman. With a short 13 second run time though, it’s almost impossible to make out who the mystery character is.

Due to the teaser’s heavy focus on Katie, we can speculate that returning directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will attempt to answer the questions still prevalent in every fan’s mind.

Their Paranormal Activity 3 entry was a terrifying endeavor, but only created more questions as we were shown Katie and Kristi dealing with the hauntings as young children. Numerous plot points spanning the entire franchise still have not been answered though, most importantly, the whereabouts of baby Hunter after demon-Katie kidnapped the child and disappeared into the night.

With no new footage revealed, we still don’t officially know where Paranormal Activity 4 will take the franchise and all we can do is wait anxiously for August 1st.

Be sure to check back then for the official teaser trailer!

With the Paranormal franchise reaching Saw-like production status though, are audiences even still interested in the Oren Peli spawned juggernaut anymore?