Paranormal Activity 5 Will Arrive In Time For Halloween 2013

In a move that perfectly sums up Hollywood’s “executive thinking system,” Paranormal Activity 5 has already been announced for a Halloween 2013 release date just days after the franchise’s fourth entry was released in cinemas, because why not?

Paranormal Activity 4 (which was released this previous weekend) proved to be a relative smash at the box office, presumably because Halloween is approaching and people were in the right mood to watch a whole bunch more “found footage.”

Although it was something of a critical bomb, the film went on to make $30.2 million despite the fact that it only took $5 million to produce. That’s the kind of profit margin you needn’t bother to work out: you’re rich, Mr. Producer.

In stranger, more cultural news, it’s also been announced that a Latino version of the movie is also in the works and will be directed by Christopher Landon (writer of Disturbia). Why Latinos need their own version of Paranormal Activity is something of a spooky mystery, but we’re looking forward to the inevitable French, Chinese, Icelandic and South African versions in the coming years. How do you say “found footage” in Afrikaans again?

What are your thoughts on these fifth and sixth entries? Have the producers taken it too far? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: The A.V. Club