EXCLUSIVE: Jason Blum Says Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Will Answer All Our Burning Questions


At this point, if you’re a Paranormal Activity fan, your mind is probably spinning from all the different plotlines that have been introduced over time. Between the introduction of Katie’s coven, the characterization of Toby, and the inevitable tie-in of The Marked Ones (first described as a spinoff), one might have a hard time keeping all the demonic chaos in a fluid stream of consciousness. Each film seemed to introduce five more questions for every two it answered, but according to producer Jason Blum, there may finally be a guiding light for all us lost travelers.

According to Blum, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension will answer all the burning questions that keep devout franchise fans awake at night. For those of you still behind in the series, I’m trying to keep details as vague as possible, but The Marked Ones left one GIGANTIC gaping hole that’s begging to be addressed, and it sounds like we’ll finally get some closure with the introduction of this new dimension.

Here’s what Blum had to say in our exclusive interview earlier today:

“A lot of people were tired of being teased by Paranormal. We kept teasing these things out. So one thing I can promise is that the next Paranormal Activity will have answers to every question you have about the mythology of the series.”

It looks like the Paranormal team has a daunting task ahead of itself, but at least we know that Blum and his crew are finally focused on providing audiences with answers – something the Paranormal Activity franchise hasn’t been particularly good about.

Could this also mean that Blum doesn’t see many more future entries in the franchise? When you think about a television series, answers typically come at the end of a show’s run. So, we have to wonder if the Paranormal Activity series sees an end in the near future, with Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension possibly serving as the final installment.

While there’s technically no end in sight just yet, we’ll have to wait until October 23rd, 2015 before all our questions are answered (to some degree).

Until then, though, tell us, what open-ended questions do you hope Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension answers? Are you ready for the franchise to start focusing on a grand finale? Sound off below!