Park Chan-Wook To Direct A Wentworth Miller Script?

Stoker is the feature length script debut of Wenthworth Miller, the actor most well known for his role as Michael Scofield in the TV series Prison Break. The logline for it is the following.

“After India’s father mysteriously dies and her estranged uncle comes to live with her and her mother, people start to go missing in her hometown and India discovers that her uncle may be the cause.”

Ted Foulke turned out a screenplay earlier this year and it was snatched up by Scott Free Productions (the Scott brother’s (Tony and Ridley) production company). Fox Searchlight already has the picture set up and ready to go and apparently Jodie Foster and Carey Mulligan will star. Up until now the director role has been vacant but we may have a contender for the part.

Apparently Park Chan-Wook, director of the fantastic Korean film Oldboy, among others, may take the director’s chair for the film. It could be his English language debut. He had expressed interest in remaking Le Couperet, the 2005 Costa-Gavras film. Perhaps though, if Stoker is coming together real nicely, he may decide to direct this one first.

In addition, Pajiba has also reported that Johnny Depp could be tied to this project, although it is far from confirmed. Either way, Depp or no Depp, any film by Park Chan-Wook is worth seeing, and if you’ve seen Oldboy, you’ll agree with me.

We’ll keep our eye on Stoker and be sure to update you with any further news.