Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins Didn’t Have Much Involvement With Justice League


As we all know, it took until this year’s Wonder Woman for the DC Extended Universe to release a cast-iron, 100% hit: a movie that was both beloved by critics and a box office smash. For basically saving the DCEU, Wonder Woman’s director Patty Jenkins has been immediately catapulted into the top-tier of Hollywood talent. Given her success then, it might be surprising to learn that she had very little involvement with Justice Leaguewhich will also heavily feature Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince.

While attending a roundtable interview to promote Wonder Woman‘s home video release, Screen Rant reports that Patty Jenkins was asked how involved she was with Justice League, to which she briefly replied: “Not almost at all.” The site also confirms that Jenkins won’t be credited as a producer on the movie, even though Zack Snyder achieved such a credit on Wonder Woman. 

If any fans out there are getting worried that Justice League won’t capture the same character we loved from her recent movie, they should be reminded that Snyder introduced Diana to the movie-going public first. Though she didn’t have a whole lot to do in the film, Gal Gadot’s extended cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the best parts of it.

Besides, it’s probably for the best that Jenkins didn’t have a major role on Justice League, as the movie has enough directors to be getting on with as it is. After Snyder was unable to helm the film’s reshoots, Joss Whedon stepped in to steer the ship in his absence. A recent rumour, though, suggests Snyder’s coming back to see the film over the finish line. It would have been difficult for Jenkins to have any kind of constructive input with the project, then, considering the game of directorial musical chairs that was going on.

We’ll finally get to find out if Justice League will be as big a hit as Wonder Woman when the movie lands later this year, on November 17th.

Source: Screen Rant

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