Patty Jenkins To Direct Hitwoman Flick Sweetheart


Deadline reports that Patty Jenkins, director of 2003’s Oscar-winning Monster has signed up to helm female assassin flick, Sweetheart. The script, written by newcomer Jack Stanley landed a spot on The Blacklist 2013, Hollywood’s annual list of best unproduced screenplays. The story focuses on “a heroine trying to escape the murder business, but finds herself right back in the mix after a high school reunion and a one night stand.”

Sounds to us like Grosse Point Blank meets American Reunion. Stanley’s screenplay has garnered such rave reviews in the industry that it no doubt had a helping hand in landing him the job on Chronicle 2.

If you’ve wondered what Jenkins has been up to in the last decade – she’s still been ploughing away, albeit for a different medium. Since 2003, the director’s time has been spent mostly working in television, from shows as varied as The Killing, Arrested Development and Betrayal. She was briefly attached to Thor: The Dark World, until she left the production – citing “creative differences.”

Now she’s headed back into cinema with Sweetheart, reportedly a far cry from Monster with a more comedic slant. At this stage, Jenkins is touted to be scouting out actresses for the prized lead role. Charlize Theron anybody? Their previous collaboration landed Theron an Oscar, and while the material appears somewhat fluffier, the actress has proved that she’s got the skills. She killed it as Young Adult‘s Mavis Gray, and with Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming A Million Ways To Die In The West there’s no question she can handle comedy, drama and weapons.

Once cast, it’ll be over to producers Michael Costigan (Out Of The Furnace) and Jewerl Ross to find financing.

What do you think about Patty Jenkins directing Sweetheart? Theron as a badassassin? Let us know, as per usual!

Source: Deadline