Paul Bettany Joins Transcendence With Johnny Depp

With Johnny Depp’s part in Wally Pfister’s Transcendence confirmed, there’s nothing to do now but sit back and wait for the other casting choices to start rolling in. Christian Bale has been mentioned as possible lead alongside Depp, but that might be wishful thinking.  Today though, we’re getting word that Paul Bettany is in negotiations to star as well. If true, that would mean that we would have Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp on the same screen. Together. I might need to take a moment.

Bettany will likely take on the role of Will, Depp’s fellow scientist, who helps to develop code for the world’s first self-aware computer. This, we all know, has never been done before. Ever. Can’t think of a film, can you?

Anyways, a recent script summary of Transcendence revealed (SPOILER!) that Depp’s brain is uploaded into said computer. Oooo. Now I am interested.

The combination of Depp and Bettany would be marvelous, although I’m quite frankly just satisfied with the idea of Depp appearing in a non-Disney/Tim Burton role. Both actors are among the finest of their generation though and they will make a fantastic pair on screen.

Pfister is an untested director but an excellent cinematographer – one of the few things I could not find fault about in The Dark Knight Rises – and I’ll be interested to see how he does with his own film. The plot of Transcendence – what we know of it so far – does not particularly move me; shades of 2001: A Space Odyssey here. Nevertheless, I’ll give this team the benefit of the doubt.

Transcendence is set to start shooting in April, so we will likely hear more confirmations and casting choices before long.

What do you think of Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp on the same screen together? Is it just me, or does that not sound amazing?

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