Paul Bettany Reveals What Happens To Vision In Avengers: Infinity War


Of all the Avengers taking part in the battle to end all battles, Vision is one of the heroes who’s most in danger from the might of Thanos and his minions in Avengers: Infinity War. While the rest are just protecting the Infinity Stones from the clutches of the Mad Titan, Vision owes his life to the Mind Stone which sits in his noggin.

As we know, the Black Order, Thanos’ deadly adoptive children, will definitely attack the android during the film in an attempt to prize the coveted gem from his head. Thankfully, though, Captain America and his Secret Avengers will arrive just in time to save him. However, Vision is still badly injured, meaning he needs to be taken to a familiar MCU location to get stitched up.

During a set visit from last year, Paul Bettany revealed to the real reason Wakanda will be home to the big climactic battle of Infinity War. And it’s that Vision is in such a bad state that the technologically-advanced nation is the only place in the world with the right know-how to patch him up.

“These bad guys are trying to get the Stone out of my head and so Wanda and I fought them off and then we’ve ended up here for surgery. I gotta get fixed up.”

We saw in Black Panther that Wakanda has the tech to treat even life-threatening wounds – like Everett Ross’ spinal injury – and unwrite mental brainwashing – Bucky Barnes is now cured – so Vision should be in safe hands there. However, Thanos isn’t going to stop after just one attempt on the android’s life.

In fact, Bettany went to add that this looming threat will hang over Vision for most of the movie. “That’s a very big question and one that troubles me,” he said. But say Thanos did get his purple mitts on the Mind Stone – what could the villain do with that power? Bettany’s co-star Elizabeth Olsen promised that this is something “we explore in the film.”


One idea would be for the android to disguise himself. But how could that be done? Well, Bettany had some ideas:

“Well, you either travel to different Mardi Gras around the world or Halloween, you’re golden — Halloween, it’s his night out — or you discover the ability to change your appearance with nano-technology.”

This last suggestion seems a lot more plausible than the others. Could this actually occur in the film, though? The trailers for Infinity War have shown Paul Bettany appearing without any of his red and green make-up for once, which does heavily suggest Vision will find himself a way to appear human in the movie.

Time will ultimately tell, but the character’s fate may well be revealed when Avengers: Infinity War arrives on April 27th.