Paul Feig Drops Out Of Bridget Jones 3

It looks like the success of the summer comedy Bridesmaids has made director Paul Feig somewhat of a hot commodity. /Film is reporting that Feig, who developed the script and planned to direct Bridget Jones 3, has dropped out and Universal Studios is currently looking for a British director to replace him.

Fans looking forward to the film though shouldn’t worry as it is still on track to start shooting in January. Once a director is found, Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are all scheduled to reprise their roles.

I think Feig made the right choice. With Bridesmaids doing so well in theaters and now on Blu-Ray, it would be in his best interest to make his next project something he fully wants to do and something that he perhaps wouldn’t have had the chance to do without this new success. He’s in the hot seat right now, which isn’t something every director gets to sit in, so he better take advantage of it.

Rumor has it that he might be working on a project with his buddy Judd Apatow that has Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy starring. Feig has also mentioned that he might be doing a sequel or reboot to “a movie that people know but I can’t really talk about it yet”.

Let’s also not forget about the possible Bridesmaids 2. Feig previously mentioned that he would be on board and McCarthy expressed interest as well, so that could be a possibility, even though writer/actress Kristen Wiig doesn’t seem to be that interested.

All of this sounds really exciting and I can’t wait to officially find out what Feig is really working on!