Paul Giamatti & Billy Bob Thornton On For Tom Hanks’ Parkland

Presumably done with World War II, space travel and turning up at every important historical event in the course of a single lifetime, Tom Hanks is producing a JFK assassination movie, just like that one Oliver Stone did. Well, since that one took the good name, this one is called Parkland, which is… also a name.

When Hanks announced the project, details were somewhat vague. Now, though, we can now tell you that both Paul Giamatti and Billy Bob Thornton have signed on to play characters of unspecific means. That’s to say, we’ve no idea who their characters are or how big their roles will be, leaving this news story about as indecisive as the JFK assassination itself. Meta!

The film is based on Vincent Bugliosi’s Kennedy assassination novel Reclaiming History, which may or may not be boring depending on how that title makes you feel. Parkland was the name of the hospital where Kennedy, Oswald and Jack Ruby were all pronounced dead, which surrounds this whole project in a melancholia that just won’t quit.

No news yet as to a release date or official plot synopsis for Parkland.

What do you think? Are Giamatti and Thornton suited for something like this? Is Tom Hanks equipped to tackle a movie of such important historical means?

Source: CinemaBlend