Paul Rudd And Steve Coogan Settle Into An Ideal Home



Ant-Man and Alan Partridge are set to join forces for a second time in An Ideal Home – a new comedy drama, written and directed by Andrew Fleming (Hamlet 2, Dick). Marvel’s newest star, Paul Rudd, and British star Steve Coogan already starred opposite each other in 2011’s Our Idiot Brother, but this latest collaboration will see the pair united in marriage.

Coogan will play a famous celebrity, while Rudd will play his more reclusive, shy spouse. Their extravagant, public lifestyle places their relationship under considerable strain, which is amplified by the unexpected arrival of a young man claiming to be the grandson Coogan never realized he had. With his grandson in dire straits, with nowhere else to go, the couple agree to welcome him into their home, in the secret hope that his presence will heal the rifts forming in their marriage.

The film is currently being packaged for sale by Fortitude International, at the European Film Market in Berlin, where Nadine De Barros of Fortitude described the project as “charming.”

“Comedy stalwarts Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan are reuniting on the big screen as a squabbling married couple in Andrew Fleming’s endearing and hilarious script about modern family, and we are delighted to present this charming film to buyers at EFM.”

Coogan and Rudd are both powerhouse comedic talents who have also proven themselves within the dramatic arena. For his part, Coogan has Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for Philomena under his belt, while Rudd has starred in a number of festival circuit favourites, such as The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and Prince Avalanche. The brief screen-time the pair shared in Our Idiot Brother provided a showcase for the chemistry Rudd and Coogan enjoy, so hopefully, An Ideal Home will be snapped up quickly and its production set in motion.

Source: THR

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